About Us

“We bury our seeds and wait,

Winter blocks the road,

Flowers are taken prisoner underground,

But then green justice tenders a spear”

- Rumi

Planting Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA dedicated to food justice, economic justice, and sustainable local food systems. We are the first organization of our kind to combine ecological training and urban food production with a grassroots door-to-door organizing model that will vastly increase our educational community outreach, help us to recruit volunteers, decentralize our fundraising sources, and provide local jobs that also train young community organizers.

We bring community members together to create replicable, energy- and water-efficient gardens that demonstrate how it is possible to grow a complete nutritional diet – including the production of fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, edible mushrooms, goat milk, herbs, jam, honey, and meat – right where 80% of U.S. residents live: in the city. Whereas edible landscaping and Permaculture have thus far been available only to those who can pay a premium for it, our organizational model enables us to empower economically disadvantaged communities to transform empty lots, paved backyards, and grass lawns into productive organic gardens that serve as living classrooms for community members to practice Urban Permaculture and bio-intensive gardening techniques.


Our EIN/tax ID number is 27-0334905

Check out these terrific videos to see us in action!