• Built shelving in the shed for vertical organizing
  • Retrieve enormous fruit tree order from Rolling River Nursery
  • Final assembly of irrigation manifolds
  • Elevate poly drip lines on wire above swales
  • Begin planting trees!


  • (90% Complete) Irrigation Infrastructure: 
    • 1,500 ft of trench
    • water pipe and electrical conduit  buried 24" deep
    • Pressure testing, then backfilling
    • Pulled wire through conduit
    • Assembled 24 manifolds
    • Install wiring and central timer; so we can irrigate on automated schedule that adjusts to live weather.
  • (Underway) Run irrigation to all swales in preparation for revegetation


  • Now that we have so much of our infrastructure in place, it seems the real work of building the orchard is upon us.  In October, we ambitiously hope to:
  • Stabilize and compact all the swales on the hillside
  • Stabilize exposed soil with burlap and mulch
  • Broadcast clay-rolled seeds (nitrogen fixers and ground covers) across the berms of all swales and pathways
  • Spread straw over ground cover seeds
  • Mulch the ditches of every swale

  • Collected almost 1000 lbs of thistle and cardoon flower heads to prevent seed germination
  • Stabilized large stretches of hillside with mulch and burlap in preparation for rains
  • Put up shade tents
  • Dug the water-harvesting swales on-contour that will provide the structure of our orchard-to-be.  We will use the ditches at pathways, and the berms to plant trees.
  • Moved the goats and their pen to more lush pastures
  • Rolled seeds in clay for future propagation (protection from birds, and germination insurance)
  • AND installed a level pad for our new shed!