Community Contributions

GIVING Planting Justice is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and we are currently funding all of our projects without any major institutional support!  Our landscaping services and grassroots door-to-door canvassing is funding all of this incredible work, so please contribute financially to help us expand! Please give what you can, by clicking on the donate button near the top of our website. We are also looking for "angel investors", so if you are interested in giving a large donation and/or loan, please contact us to set up a visit for tea and conversation on our rooftop garden!


VOLUNTEERING We are so thankful for our dedicated core of volunteers! Come join the fun, on our Oakland rooftop nursery and at various permaculture sites we are developing throughout the Bay Area. Sign up for the Planting Justice Updates listserv and our Quarterly Newsletter so we can invite you to these free educational workparties! Certain individuals may choose to volunteer with us on a regular basis in exchange for in-depth, hands-on permaculture training. We are looking to train future Planting Justice Team Leaders and Urban Farmers to be hired by the organization!


DONATED MATERIALS There are a variety of things you can donate to Planting Justice in addition to money. Please contact us if you'd like to give us any of the following: - tools (powertools, shovels, garden rakes, get the idea) - salvaged redwood (say from an old deck or fence) - a greenhouse - an empty lot or property you own in the Bay Area that you'd like to see transformed into a beautiful, educational permaculture site! Thank you for supporting this movement to create a just food system and green jobs in the Bay Area and Beyond!