"Plant the tree of friendship and harvest the fruits of love
Uproot the roots of hatred for it brings forth boundless agony"


Planting Justice leads weekly workshops on food justice, culinary arts, and permaculture design at schools, community centers, apartment complexes, prisons, and people's homes throughout the Bay Area. Through understanding the historical frameworks that have produced the Bay Area's unique and exceptionally diverse communities, educators at Planting Justice have

     Planting Justice formally launched its canvass program this Spring 2012!


"Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence.

Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality"  

- Malcolm X

We build urban food forests. Our urban food forest program produces low-cost, organic, nutritious food in communities that structurally have little access to it.  We help empower urban residents to create sustainable, replicable gardens that demonstrate how it is possible to grow a complete nutritional diet safely and profitably in the city.

“The recovery of the people is tied to the recovery of food,

since food itself is medicine: not only for the body,

but for the soul, for the spiritual connection to history, ancestors, and the land.”

- Winona La Duke

Too often, the "green jobs" conversation is narrowly limited to highly industrial sectors that demand millions and millions of dollars in capital input, inaccessible to a working class person wanting to start a "green" business. The dominant focus is on high-tech “clean energy” sectors, and little attention is paid to the minerals that