EAT GRUB (Enhancing Access to Gardens and Revoluntionizing Urban Backyards) is the social entreprenuership venture of Salvador Mateo and Julio Madrigal. As Seniors at Mandela High School in Oakland, they helped build a raised annual vegetable garden and planted 10 fruit trees on their school's campus that provides healthy, organic produce to the community. Through a 10 week training program with Ashoka's Youth Ventures, Salvador and Julio developed their business plan under the mentorship of Planting Justice co-founders Haleh Zandi and Gavin Raders. Like EAT GRUB on Facebook! In their own words:


The vision of EAT GRUB is to eliminate community food deserts in Oakland. Our mission is to establish a greener community and provide connections to the Earth and our ancestors by enhancing the accessibility of healthy foods through building raised garden beds for low-income families in Oakland. Our venture will benefit the community by bringing gardens to the backyards of families who don’t have access to healthy foods in their neighborhoods. This will reduce diet-related diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This will also allow people to save money at the grocery store and in transportation costs. This venture will further reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the community by reducing the use of pesticides and fossil fuels in the transportation of food. We are inspired by our school, friends, and the lack of healthy foods in our community.  This issue is important to us because food is a human right, people should be able to access it without a problem but in this world it’s hard to do. So we want to help families eat good and healthy. We will know that our venture is successful when our full-paying clients are helping to support gardens for low-income families and we will be able to support ourselves in this work that is helping others.


Salvador Mateo recently graduated from Mandela High School Law and Public Service Academy in Oakland, and his senior project focused on food deserts in Oakland.


Julio Madrigal recently graduated from Mandela High School Law and Public Service Academy in Oakland. His senior project focused on environmental racism.  

Salvador Mateo and Julio Madrigal moving compost into the raised garden beds at Mandela High School in Oakland
Salvador chopping 2x4's with Marisol at Mandela High School
Julio trying an organic giant mammoth sweet pea from the garden at Mandela High School
Salvador chopping garlic
One month after planting Fall/Winter annuals at Mandela High School