Food Justice Education

"Plant the tree of friendship and harvest the fruits of love
Uproot the roots of hatred for it brings forth boundless agony"


Planting Justice leads weekly workshops on food justice, culinary arts, and permaculture design at schools, community centers, apartment complexes, prisons, and people's homes throughout the Bay Area. Through understanding the historical frameworks that have produced the Bay Area's unique and exceptionally diverse communities, educators at Planting Justice have been developing a culturally-relevant and economically empowering curriculum  using arts, music, cooking, cultural folklore, digital media, and international people's histories. Students learn about examples of local and historical community organizations, such as the United Farm Workers, the Black Panther Party, and the South Central Farmers, to situate their participation in the garden within broader social structures. Urban residents are empowered with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to transform their common spaces into thriving and educational organic gardens. Working in the garden and observing the changes of each season provides a space for urban residents to cultivate practical skills, nutrition awareness, a connection to the earth and life, environmental awareness, relaxation and comfort, gratification, personal growth, patience, and motivation. Developing skills in critical thinking, community organizing, public speaking, and ecological entrepreneurship, our students are contributing to the health and well-being of their local community and expanding their opportunities in the green economy.

Want to share your curriculum and learn more about our Food Justice and Culinary Arts curriculum? haleh [at] plantingjustice [dot] org (Contact Haleh Zandi), Educational Director at Planting Justice.