Burbank Community Garden

Planting Justice began collaborating with WYSE (West Oakland Youth Standing Empowered) on re-developing the Burbank Community Garden in February 2009. With over 20 volunteers, Planting Justice and WYSE dug three water-harvesting swales along the downhill slope to sink rainwater into the earth and build up the water table level to feed an abundant perennial food forest. In April 2009, Planting Justice collaborated with over 80 students in the afterschool program at Explore College Preparatory Middle School to plant 24 fruit trees in the Burbank Garden. During the school year of 2009-2010, Planting Justice and WYSE collaborated with the East Lake YMCA afterschool program at Explore College Prep to lead the "Food Justice and Culinary Arts" afterschool program, in which a core group of 12 middle school students continued to develop the fruit orchard into a perennial food forest! Though the school was closed down at the end of the school year, Planting Justice and WYSE continue to develop the garden with the support of the neighbors of Burbank Garden. In May 2010, WYSE and Planting Justice knocked on over 50 doors in the neighborhood of Burbank Community Garden to gather support, build awareness about the fruits of Burbank Garden, and to gain feedback from the community. In June 2010, Planting Justice and WYSE held a community-work party to plant 9 grapes between two rows of fruit trees. This site will be providing food for the neighboring residents for decades to come!

Marta, Ennis, and Gavin planting a grape
Quinton smiles by the grapes
nectarines are ripe!
nutrient rich compost hauled in by wheelbarrows to plant the grapes
Alshea entertains with her rhythms
Admiring a good day's work at Burbank Garden