Come work with us!

We would love to bring your energy into our work!

 We regularly host individuals community groups, schools, and businesses at our five-acre farm & East Oakland nursery for volunteer work days.  

Our work varies a great deal from season to season; join us on a regularly basis throughout the year to gain exposure to a wide variety

of different activities, tools, and techniques to round out your farm, nursery & garden education.  



Individual Volunteers

Our farm welcomes volunteers every Thursday from 9am - Noon and from 1pm - 4pm.  

Our nursery is open to volunteers weekly as well.

Come join us for a half or full day!  Once you see how great it is - we hope you'll want to invite others out to work with you too.


Community-based Groups

School groups, gardeners, farmers, faith based orgs, summer camps, and local organizers are welcome to come volunteer for a day or on recurring basis.



We'd be glad to host your company.  If you have a giving back or community involvement department please put us in touch!


Other offerings

For folks with other skills from web development, photography, carpentry, and grant writing (and more) who want to support in a specific way, please reach out and see if/when we can find a way to map your work into ours.